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Don’t make the same mistake your competitors are making!

Branding is ESSENTIAL for a small business to BUILD credibility, ATTRACT customers, and PROMOTE stability to your target clientele. So why are we focused on branding when we are a marketing company for small businesses? Marketing stems from the ability to portray a lasting impression in your potential clients' minds.  Building that strong foundation (brand) from the onset, ensures that you are continually building your business onwards and upwards. We help you build that powerful brand, offline and online. From helping you design an effective logo to building your website and mobile presence - and then strategizing on marketing your business - we got you covered! Remember, every successful business starts with a strong brand – without it, you lack identity, a presence, a purpose and even credibility.

Here are our three most common packages (custom packages available) that will allow you to brand your business the right way from the onset!

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93% of our customers are returning clients! There is a reason why.

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The "key" to successful branding stems from:

  • Giving your business a powerful visual identity - (Logo design, consistent color schemes, consistency from business cards to e-newsletters).
  • Not complicating your message - (Short and powerful works much better than wordy and detailed. Build a short recognizable message).
  • Find your voice - (Do your research (we do it for you!) and find the right voice and personality for your identity).
  • Keep consistency - (Stick to your brand identity and maintain consistency in the marketplace).
  • Even brand the small stuff - (Every time you create something for your business – keep the same brand elements in place. From logos to email signatures and direct mail pieces – keep it consistent).
  • Track your results - (Measuring success and focusing on what works and discarding what doesn’t).

Be madly and deeply in love with your brand - and your business will reap the rewards time and time again.