How Bacardi’s Story Helps Sell the Brand

bacardi_logo1If you want to find an example of a strong branding presence, look no further than BACARDÍ. What some people don’t realize is that the strongest part of the BACARDÍ brand lies in their story. In fact, much of their history is better than the fabricated ad campaigns of their competitors.

The BACARDÍ family has seen a tremendous amount of adversity, including earthquakes, wars and revolutions within their home country of Cuba, exile from that same country, fires and more. But still, the company still stands and is more popular than ever.

A recent campaign tells the story of their unique past in a series of ads that highlight the brand’s Untameable Spirit. A few phrases and taglines that are being used include:

  • Some Men are Kicked Out of Bars – Others are Kicked Out of Countries
  • We Remember Prohibition – It was a Blast!
  • Earthquakes, Fire, Exile, Prohibition – Sorry Fate, You Picked the Wrong Family.

This type of built in character is priceless. The ads basically write themselves. And they tend to resonate with the BACARDÍ audience because the ads and the family history tell the story of overcoming the odds and reaching for their goals and dreams no matter what.

Another good thing about these ads is that they contain simple messages that are easy to translate in the realm of all media, right down to basic billboards and posters.

According to BACARDÍ’s Senior Category Director, BACARDÍ is known for “its passionate drive, regardless of circumstance, convention or expectation.” He also believes that this new campaign works because it “pays tribute to the brand’s enduring popularity, continuing ingenuity and connects with consumers as it inspires them.”

The campaign is working towards building an “untameable” attitude, not just with the brand but with its consumers as well.

This is proof positive that your own personal story can often be the strongest lynchpin in your image. Think of the attributes of your own life and use your own struggles and personality to better define your brand.

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