Turning Your Blog Into an e-Book

ebookWith a new year just a month away, you’re probably already starting to think of ways for your business to make more money and attract more customers. Well, rather than dig deep for some complicated algorithms or developing an intricate strategy, many small businesses have one tool staring them right in the face.

If your brand has a blog, you can use it in more ways than one. And if your brand does not have a blog, you need to remedy that right now.

For those with a blog…have you ever thought of turning it into an e-book? It’s incredibly easy, as the content is already there.

Of course, you don’t want to just throw your most recent posts into e-book format. That’s sort of like cheating, and your audience—as well as potential readers—are going to catch on to it.

Instead, go back through your blog and pick 10-12 of the most popular entries over the last year or two. Which ones generated the most traffic or the most discussion in your comment threads? Pick these out as sure contenders for your book.

In addition, you’ll also want to add a few “bonus” entries that aren’t available on your website. If people are shelling out their hard earned money for your book, give them something that Joe Blow off the street won’t have access to by simply reading your blog for free.

All in all, try to have 15-20 entries in the book. Don’t worry too much about your book’s length, so long as you aren’t overcharging for a smaller word count of less than 10,000 words. On the other hand, if you have your e-book packed with more than 30,000 words of valuable information and content, make sure you charge appropriately. Pick a price that is fair to the customer but also reflects the quality that you are putting out there.

This is a great way to have another revenue stream out there…something to always bring in a little extra cash. Whether you self-publish on Amazon or try to find a publisher, your blog-based e-book can be a great addition to your brand.

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