SHAKE Marketing

Introducing the only all-inclusive
online marketing package

SHAKE marketing

A mix of several types of online marketing to make your business pop! A SHAKE marketing package by readyBUZZ ensures that you are hitting all marketing angles: local SEO, social media topped off with mobile marketing.

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With SHAKE Marketing, You Get

  • Design, build and optimize your Facebook + Yelp + Google+ profiles
  • Boost your social media presence
  • Increase your network and build a loyal following (adding followers)
  • Post fresh, interactive messages
  • Post content you request and provide
  • Remove inappropriate comments on your profile in real-time
  • Connect with your audience and engage in conversations
  • Reply to all comments
  • Create a QR code specific to your business + build a mobile campaign
  • Announce and promote special events
  • Your business profile distributed to 100+ sites
  • First page placement on Google
  • Get assigned to a readyBUZZ account manager
  • Design, create and optimize your local SEO presence (maps)
  • Monthly progress report

Additional services available:

Twitter marketing
Pinterest marketing
LinkedIn marketing
Marketing video creation
YouTube channel promotion

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