Why Your Small Business Needs to Be Using HootSuite

hootsuite-logoThere seems to be some new form of social media sprouting up on a monthly basis. For those of us that are trying to stay involved in all of them, it can get pretty frustrating. But did you know that there is a relatively easy way to manage all of your social media accounts? While the majority of people reading this already know about HootSuite, it is certainly a tool worth mentioning, especially for those that are still struggling to stay afloat in the world of social media.

Why use HootSuite? Well, there are numerous reasons, but the most useful are:

The Ability to Manage Multiple Accounts: You can schedule posts and updates to all of your accounts in one single location. Hoot Suite is perhaps most useful for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, but you can also use it to stay up to date on your YouTube, Tumblr, and Flickr accounts (plus so much more).

User Friendly Dashboard: Piggy-backing off of the above item, the dashboard makes using HootSuite super simple. It is especially useful for Twitter and LinkedIn, as you can organize your content with ease. For instance, you can organize your Twitter account so that retweets, mentions, and keywords are all broken down into their own columns.

Keep Tabs on Your Analytics: You have the chance to see just how your blog, Twitter profile or Facebook page is doing. The awesome analytics tool on HootSuite lets you see the number of clicks, referring sites and number of new followers. You can even get all of this information broken down by region. You get to choose the stats you want to keep tabs on, giving you a completely customizable experience.

RSS Feed Magic: If you blog regularly, HootSuite allows you to add two RSS feeds to your account. This way, whenever you blog, HootSuite will automatically post a link to this post on all of your social media outlets. This can be a huge timesaver and ensures you don’t overlook one of your accounts.

So if you aren’t using HootSuite yet, what are you waiting for? This great tool allows you to easily manage your social media accounts, allowing you more time to build your business.




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