When Is It Time to Consider Re-Branding?

Olive-Garden-LogoIt’s no secret that a good logo will stick in a consumer’s mind for a long time. In many cases, a good logo essentially becomes the company’s brand. The Nike “Swoosh” and the now iconic Apple logo come to mind.

But just how important is a logo? Very important, according to many. As of late, Olive Garden seems to strongly believe this.

New this week indicates that the Italian restaurant chain has plans to revamp their logo as well as the interior design of their establishments. The reasoning behind this re-branding is based on the need to appear more modern and relevant.

With a restaurant as popular as Olive Garden, one has to wonder why their logo would be an important factor. According to Dave George, Olive Garden President, it is mainly because the company as a whole feels that the style of a Tuscan farmhouse—the style the restaurants are currently designed in—isn’t “taking the brand far enough.”

With a more modern look, right down to the logo, any company can achieve a new sort of appreciation from the younger crowd. This can help create a whole new step in brand recognition as many other restaurants also continue to evolve according to cultural shifts and popular opinion.

So how do you, as a small business owner, need to begin thinking about whether or not a similar sort of re-design of your brand needs to be considered? It really all depends on your goals and direction. But generally, as is the case with Olive Garden, it comes with the need to remain fresh-looking as competitors begin to adapt to modern trends and styles.

However, when you are already equipped with an effective logo and brand concept as you start out, this is something you will hopefully never have to think about.

Just ask Nike…



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