Using Fresh Content to Keep Your Website Active


Did you know that the bulk of businesses that think their websites are in great condition are, in fact, wrong? Sure, the page is flashy and conveys all of the necessary information your clients need to get in touch with you but that’s not quite enough. If you have a nice website, what’s the point in keeping it as nothing more than a landing page?

Fresh content is essential to keep new people coming to your website. Try to think creatively and utilize a blog that is ties to your site—make sure that it is easily accessible from your home page.

And of course, some industries don’t really call for a large amount of content. But you want to keep your site active in some way, particularly when it comes to sharing links via social media.  If you are having trouble thinking of ways to create winning content, there are some ways to make sure your content is always fresh and relevant.

  • Create content about your products or services. Make it informative but also a way to highlight why the reader should choose you over the competition.
  • When writing, be sure to include a photo, graph, chart or any other visual that might support the copy. Articles with a visual aspect tend to be more widespread and read.
  • Make sure your social media identity is promoted through your content. Find a way to direct the reader you your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn page.
  • When something newsworthy occurs within your business or industry, you should be able to write a topic on it. This makes you seen like an expert in the field and that you stay on top of evolving trends and news.
  • In your content, consider referencing other blogs and providing a link. Linkbacks are a great way to get discovered by members of your target audience.

Keep these tips in mind as you start to load your site with content and you should notice traffic results within a few weeks, so long as you are using special media to promote your content.


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