How to Make Your Web Design Reflect Your Brand

Website building , under construction or repairOne thing every small business wrestles with as they are starting out is how to best design their website in order to grab the attention of their audience. Often, you might find that there are certain elements of your company’s web design that are basically pre-determined by your industry. But even in these situations, you can still remain creative in representing your brand while also creating a site that is going to instantly grab people’s attention.

If you’re looking to enhance your existing website or start a new one from scratch, there are a few things you can do via web design to ensure you have a powerful online presence.

Looks ARE Everything: Even to an untrained eye, it is apparent when a website has been hastily thrown together. Take your time when building your site and make sure it has all of the trimmings that you’d expect to see if you were looking for a professional. If your own site wouldn’t cause you to take notice, then you’re not done with the design.

Speak With Pictures: If you can convey a point with a picture rather than 200 words of copy, do it. When it comes to web design, a picture really is worth a thousand words…and potentially a few more readers as well.

Be Particular With Colors: Color selection plays a huge part in your website’s design. Do some research into the subtle emotional values of colors. Blue, for instance, conveys calm. Red conveys urgency. Green is often related to wealth. Also, instead of using bold letters of differing sizes, use variations of shaded tones to separate certain sections of your site from others.

Have a Catchphrase or Slogan: This is just good business practice, as it’s something nice to put on your business cards and printed materials. But a great catchy slogan on your website let’s viewers know right away what you’re all about.

Use Headings: Use subheadings in your web copy. This makes it much easier for readers to browse through your content. It’s also a great way to cleverly add in some keywords.

Most importantly, make sure your website is a good representation of your brand. Anyone that is familiar with your business should be able to make the connection right away.

What are some things you have done to make sure your website is a close extension to your brand?

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