Why No One Is Paying Attention to Your QR Codes

QRCodeScanQR code marketing has a tendency to be mocked in certain mobile marketing circles. While the codes certainly have their benefits, it is the handful of people using them improperly that are giving naysayer’s ammunition for their arguments.

Are you one of these people? Are you putting QR codes out there and not seeing any results? If so, there are several reasons that could be to blame. Want to know why no one is paying much attention to your QR Codes?

They’re too small. Chances are that if a user has to hunt for the QR code, they won’t scan it. The whole point of a QR code is easy access to online information. Having to hunt for the code on printed material or packaging negates the ease they were intended for.

They’re placed where no one thinks to look.  We’ve seen QR codes on the backs of toothpaste tubes that were no larger than an inch or so. We’ve also seen them placed in odd places in magazines. Similar to the above error, your QR code should always be placed in a location that is easy to identify.

You’re not providing information about it. Many people are getting very cautious about scanning QR codes because hackers have figured out how to use them to their advantage. If you have a QR code on a simple piece of marketing material, it is a good dies to provide at least a sentence in regards to where the user will be taken and what benefits will be offered when they can the code.

Your printed material gives them no reason to scan. If the QR code is placed in the midst of a boring and drab brochure, flier, or add, it likely won’t get scanned. The printed material that coincides with the QR code should be interesting and encourage the user to scan. Otherwise, it’s just an unattractive black and white box in the middle of a similarly unattractive promotional material.

Are you guilty of any of these errors? If so, you should re-evaluate your approach to QR code marketing. Read up on evolving trends or contact us today to let us help you get back on track.

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