How to Get the Most Out of Mobile Marketing

MMP-2As mobile marketing becomes more and more necessary for small business to remain competitive, it remains abundantly clear than there are many small business owners that aren’t really sure what mobile marketing entails.

Most owners might tend to think that the key to mobile marketing is mostly about making a few changes to their website to optimize it for mobile devices. While this is certainly important, there is much more to mobile marketing than a couple of website changes.

For example:

  • If you have forms on your site, they will need to be updated. Otherwise, most won’t work properly on mobile devices.
  • Make sure you add in clickable e-mail addresses, links, and phone number so mobile users can get in touch with you quickly. You can also have a link installed on your sire that sends mobile users directly to your mobile site. This ensures that no matter what sort of device a customer is visiting your page form, they will have instant access.
  • Implement QR technology with QR codes. These are great ways for your potential customer to engage with you; QR codes create real-time environments where you can share offers and special deals with customers.
  • You need to have a miniaturized version of your site made that is coded especially to be viewed of smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • Get involved in mobile-only online ad campaigns. There is a large percentage of your audience that does all of their business online. If you don’t start getting involved in online campaigns, you are missing an entire portion of your target audience.
  • Find a way to implement your mobile persona with your brand. The qualities that are present on your old site that speak to who you are as a business need to be present in your mobile campaigns.

It’s important to have an online presence, and mobile marketing is an extension of that. Mobile marketing is, in many ways, a great way to bridge the gap between your offline and online personas, so make sure you’re doing it right.

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