Giving Your Brand a Proper Voice

If you’re lucky, your brand has a nice logo and a sleek look about it. Maybe people see your logo and assume that you are the real deal—a business they’d consider using in the future. But what comes after that? Beyond a coo logo, what else is needed to land a customer?

Most experts claim it is your brand’s “voice.” This is a factor that may seem intangible, but you actually do have quite a bit of control over it. Of course, you want your brand’s voice to effectively grab the attention of your target audience, but that is often easier said than done.


So what can you do to make sure that your brand’s voice is one worth listening to? Well, the best approach is to take the time to study and analyze your audience. Take the time to truly understand them by asking the following questions about the people you are trying to bring closer to your business.

What do individuals in your audience tend to look like?

Are they younger? Do they dress well? Are they well maintained and highly groomed? Or are they more casual? You basically need to understand if your audience is more suit and tie to jeans and sneakers.

What does your audience do for fun?

Knowing about their hobbies and interests gives you an edge in terms of relating to them. If you can factor this into your brand—especially your copy—you’re able to alter your vice to better reach them.

What does your audience care about?

Are they heavy into social issues? Maybe the majority of them are highly aware of the environment. Understand the concerns of your target audience to truly tap into proper engagement with them. If you can show that you share their concerns, your voice gets even stronger.


These three factors let you peek inside the heads of your audience. In a way, it helps you to anticipate what they want from your brand in terms of offers, services, copy, and even your approach to business.

What ways have you been able to better shape your “voice” based on the desires and trends of your audience recently?

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