Three Ways Your Business Can Take Advantage of Football Season

football_playerWe’re two weeks deep into football pre-season and already, the buzz is in the air. Bars are preparing for a very bust few months until the Super Bowl will bust out their doors and sporting goods stores are stocking up their jerseys.

But it’s not just these types of businesses that can take advantage of football season. Any small business (or large business, for that matter) can also get in on the fun and profits. Even if you’re not a football fan, you can incorporate some football-based fun into your business that will help engage your customers and give your business an element of fun.

1. Pick a Game of the Week. If you can, make it a game that features a local favorite team. Come up with gimmicks such as special discounts for anyone that can predict the final score. This is a great idea for Monday Night football, as it keeps those involved focused on your business for two days—Monday and Tuesday. If you have the money to do so and want to go above and beyond, buy two tickets to a future game and offer them as prizes. If you post this contest on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll very likely see a huge surge in your followers, as free football tickets are a hot commodity near the last half of the year.

2. Start friendly trash talk (notice that we said friendly, please) on social media. If you aren’t that big into football, this may not before you. But this is really just an updated high-tech form of water cooler talk. It is also an easy, fun and highly effective way to connect with your audience. It shows them that you’re really just like them.

3. For big games like a rivalry game or the playoffs, organize an event at a local establishment where customers and your employees can get together over wings and beer. Use this opportunity to discuss your business and any special deals or offers you have going on. This is a great time to meet new people and mingle with those that have helped to keep you in business.

So lace up and get your business ready for football season the right way. What are some other ways you have seen small businesses use football season to their advantage?

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