Why your Brand is Like a Toddler, Part 2

tantrum(1)Much like your children, talking about them in passing here and there seems distant and downright negligent. So it would have been rude of us to not expand on yesterday’s post of how your children are very much like your brand (and vice versa).

So here are three more ways in which raising a child and building are brand are eerily similar.

Proper Nurturing Will Require Some Expenditure: School clothes, entertainment, toys and (gulp) college all cost money. Oh, and you probably need to feed t hem, too. And food isn’t exactly cheap. Just like you need to spend money to raise a child, you’ll also need to sink some cash into properly growing your brand as well.

From a professional website to hiring artists and designers to make things look pretty, nurturing a brand to the next level is going to cost some coin, too. The trick, of course, it to find the line in both cases that separates necessity and just being spoiled.

They’ll Change as They Get Older: This one can’t be avoided. Growing pains exist in brands just as they do with children. So when your brand hits that slump that you need to find some new social marketing strategy to get out f, just think of how things will be when you kids hit their teens and remember that things can only get better.

Picking a Name is Hard: Okay, we’re just having some find with this one. With a kid, names are harder than most people that don’t have kids think they are. Coming up with a name is hard—especially one that “fits.”

Choose wisely here on both accounts, Pick something with meaning and isn’t going to be drowned out by all of the other brands/kids out there.

Anyone out there have any other cool or quirky examples to further beat this metaphor into the ground? Better yet, do you have any real-life examples of how your brand and your child/children and closely linked?

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