Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

CouchPotatoREX_468x369If you are looking for new ways to grow and expand in your business, there is one surefire way to stretch your limits: get the hell out of your comfort zone.

Business owners that choose comfort and familiarity over trying something new will usually find themselves trying to keep up with their competition. This is true for all things related to technology, marketing, and social media related.

As odd as it may sound, stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t something that you can just do. It actually takes quite a bit of planning if you want to get the most out of it.

So get ready to step outside of your comfort zone by adhering to these three principles.

New World, New You: A good way to start your journey outside of your comfort zone is to find an online seminar or even just a handy e-book on a topic that you’re not familiar with. Don’t choose blindly, though. If you actively participate in marketing your business, choose one on marketing…especially if you have grown too comfortable and stale in your current approach.

Find New Inspiration: Find some new magazines, blogs, or websites to start reading. Ask around, especially seeking advice from your social network circles. Find some new material that you don’t usually read and add it to your reading list. Speaking of social media, try stepping out of your normal groups here and there to see what inspirational voices you’ve been missing out on.

Out With the Old: Are you still curating certain practices just because they have worked in the past? If so, examine them closely and see if they are really adding anything to your company. Either eliminate them completely and start with a new approach or tweak the old approach so that it is more relevant to the times.

What tactics have you implemented with your band to make sure you don’t get too comfortable? Any success (or, for that matter, failure) stories you want to share?

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