Why Your Brand Is Like a Toddler (Part 1)

Sure, there are some business experts that tell you that you should delineate your home life from your business life. There are some good reasons for this, but you should also know that reaching into your “at home” toolbox from time to time can actually serve to strengthen your brand.

toddler-throwing-tantrumThe biggest way this can help is by thinking of your brand like a child. Sure, your brand may have never put the cat in the fridge or smeared jelly on top of your annual reports. But there are many similarities between nurturing a child and growing a brand.

Here are two of the most basic examples.

You Have to Keep Your Promises: if you promise your kid a trip to the park and then have to back out for some reason or another, there will either be a hissy fit thrown or a tantrum of epic proportions. Sure, you can pacify them with further promises, but that’s not wise.

Similarly, promising things you can’t deliver to your customers will harm your brand in many different ways. People will assume that you are not a brand of your words. Your kids will get over this eventually and tell their therapists about it 20 years down the line. But if you pull this stuff with your target audience, your brand might not be around in 20 years.

Encourage the Unique Ones Always: In most cases, that one unique idea that comes to you in terms of your brand is going to be the money-maker. The trick is learning how to approach it and deliver it to your audience.

The same is true of your kids. If your child is showing a unique ability that you weren’t expecting, don’t shy away from it. Encourage them and show them how unique they are. In both of these cases, the child and the brand will excel from your ability to realize the unique potential in both.

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