5 Entertaining (and Hilarious) Brands to Follow on Twitter

twitter-icon-18Twitter is different than Facebook for a variety of reasons. Many users claim that a Twitter profile gives a better indication of a person or brand’s true identity, as they have to present themselves in smaller pieces and, all the while, must stay relevant and effective.

True, some Twitter users are better at this than others. In fact, some brands have taken their Twitter account to a whole new level and are not only helping to better define teir brand, but to also attract the attention of thousands of new followers in the process.

If you want to see example of branding done right on Twitter, you may want to check out some of the following.

Taco Bell: This account is always good for a laugh. Taco Bell is known for posting hilarious one-liners and even photos that represent their brand in a way that translates well with their audience. They do a particularly good job at replying to criticisms (sometimes from other brands).

JetBlue Airways: While these guys may not be able to infuse the humor used by Taco Bell, they are still good for a laugh every now and then—all while also promoting their company and providing customers with useful information. This is a great example of a brand being able to stay informative without being bland.

Popchips: While the product itself isn’t as popular as some of the others on this list, the Popchips Twitter account is consistently posting hilarious pictures and jokes that are all toed to their product (albeit in odd ways on occasion).

Intel: When it comes to a company like Intel, you probably don’t expect humor in their social profile. And perhaps that’s why Intel does exactly that. Not every post will be funny or even entertaining, but they seem to have a formula for dropping in humor when it’s most needed. Here is another great example of keeping their audience informed without being overbearing or boring.

Bissell: Again…not a company you’d expect to be funny. Sure, vacuums and sucking…puns abound for true. But Bissell goes far beyond that; they drop jokes from time to time that are not only relevant to their brand but to the vast majority of their audience as well.

What are some other brands you enjoy hearing from on Twitter? How are they able to convey their brand message while also bringing a little something extra to the social media table?

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