Why Small Business Owners Still Need a Resume

So your business is doing better than ever and there seems to be no end to your success. Congrats! You’re achieved something that countless business owners have been trying to do for years.

But even after success has come along and your business is growing, there are some fundamental tools that you need to hang on to. Some staples of business remain the same no matter how successful you are. And believe it or not, one thing that successful business owners need to keep polished and at the ready are their resumes.

resumeYes, that’s right…even after you’ve made it, your resume is just as important as it was when you were just starting out. Why?

Glad you asked.

It Keeps You Competitive

If you are consistently keeping up with your milestones and achievements, your resume serves as something of a marker of your progress. Even if you are keeping t for nothing more than a way to keep a running record of awards received, professional associations and so on, keeping your resume up to date will always keep you sharp and competitive it make it as stellar as possible.

Outside of Work

If you’ve become successful, your resume can act as a promotional piece for activities you may be interested in outside of work. A well-polished and up to date resume is a great way to introduce yourself to people in local community projects, associations, or even other industry specialist. It never hurts for others to have a copy of your resume. It’s more detailed and personal than a simple business card and shows that you take pride in your work and accomplishments.

Just In Case

No one wants to hear this, but it’s a harsh truth: everything you have created can be gone in a very short time. With the current economic situation in most of the world, nothing is certain. S if the absolute worse does happen and you somehow end up losing your business, it’s going to be a massive advantage to have you resume ready and up to date.

So how is your resume looking? Have you been keeping it polished up and presentable?

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