4 More Great Brands to Follow on Twitter

Cracked-Twitter-Logo-psd47658Okay, so we obviously left a few brands out the other day. In all actuality, there are a ton of great brands to follow on Twitter. These are brands that do more than just inform their audience about their business and any specials or offers currently taking place.

The secret for a winning social media presence is to not only inform your audience, but entertain them. And, like the examples from our previous post, here are four more brands that have mastered the art of tweeting by keeping their audience entertained and always on the lookout for their content.

Old Spice: These guys have gotten funny social media strategies down to a science. More than that, they also often pick friendly fights with other brands that often end in light-hearted cross-promotional tweets back and forth. This might be one of the funniest brand-owned Twitter accounts out there.

Whole Foods: This is a great Twitter account for foodies to follow. While they also use a bit of humor here and there, Whole Foods has also been known to provide recipes and food ideas to its followers. They have done a great job at creating a Twitter presence that literally anyone could follow and be entertained and well-informed.

GymIt: The copywriters for GymIt are geniuses—and while that may seem like an overstatement or an exaggeration, just follow them and check out a few of their awesome one-liners and brand-centric quips. One of your favorites is: “Mmm, fresh new gym smell!”

Charmin: Yes, there are certain dirty jokes that automatically come to mind when you think of toilet paper. Powered by a hash tag of #tweetfromtheseat, Charmin is a great example of how to use Twitter to keep your audience waiting for your next tweet. They have successfully blended humor with their product…and in a way that doesn’t resort to potty humor. (See, we can make puns, too).

Share some of your favorite Twitter accounts from famous brands in the comments below.

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