Throwing a Great Launch Party for Your Brand, Business, or Product

Corporate-holiday-partyYou can find an excuse for a launch party at any point during the life of your business. If you’re just starting out, have a launch party to celebrate the fact that you’re now open for business. Or, if your doors have been open for a while, you can have a launch party for a new product or service.

Everyone likes a party, right? The reason for having it, in this case, is up to you. And if you’re going to have a launch party, you need to do it right. Here are all of the elements necessary for putting on a killer launch party that will keep your brand fresh in the minds of those in attendance well after the party is over.

Spread the Word: This is pre-party stuff, but your party will stink if no one shows up. Make sure you get the word out via social media channels. Reach out to local press outlets to see how you can get the word out with their help as well.

The Invitation List: More pre-planning stuff..but make sure you have invited all of the right people—from those that could benefit from the service or product you have thrown the party for, as well as those within your industry that hold some sway and importance.

Have an Appropriate Theme: If it’s summer, put on a beach theme. If it’s winter, use snow or Christmas as your theme. The trick is to not just invite folks to a Plain Jane party. If you can find a way to incorporate your brand into the theme, all the better!

Work Up Your Connections: If you know a DJ, ask him to help. The same goes for caterers, bartenders and so on. Sure, you can hire others to do these tasks for you, but when you have friends working the stations, you stand a better chance of having your band talked up during the festivities.

Music: This is a given. Any good party has to have music. Think about the invitation list and let your DJ know the types of music that they’ll need to play to keep the crowd lively.


If you can stick to these basics, you’ve got a great party on your hands. Add some personal touches to it (a drink based on your brand is a great addition) to make it truly memorable.

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