What Works on Vine?

vine-logoEveryone and their mother has given Vine a try (seriously mom…stay off the computer). It’s been fun to see the way that many people are utilizing it. Some people have managed to find their niche and are using it quite well.

Others, not so much…

So what does it take to make Vine work for you? Well, it’s been out for enough time now that we can take a look at some examples that are out there and give some preliminary suggestions at what you can do to make Vine work for you.


Use it for Sneak Peeks

Sure, six seconds sound like nothing. But if you’re using that time for a teaser for a new product or some new feature about your company, it’s the perfect amount of time. The trick is to make each second count. Some magazines have effectively been doing this to give readers a glimpse of the information that will be in their next issue.

If you out some creative juice to it, there’s a way to give a sneak peak about something no matter what industry you’re in. Tease your audience and leave them wondering just what it is that you have up your sleeve.

Show Off What’s New

This is different than the sneak preview. Imagine a video game company that has been teasing you about a great new game that is right around the corner. Then, once it’s release, imagine not making an announcement that the game is ready, but putting up 6 seconds of game play. This is a great way to get excitement going for your product. The fact of the matter is that marketing is headed to the video realm—it’s been headed in that direction for years. Utilizing video this way, particularly with Vine, can do wonders for getting your brand out there.
There are, of course, many other ways to make Vine work for you. Have you been able to use it to attract new attention to your brand? What methods have worked for you?

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