How to Make Your Brand More Relatable

business-meetingYou may think that you have your brand right where you want it. But just because you’re pleased with how you’re being presented doesn’t necessarily mean that your public agrees. A big part of building a successful brand comes in the ability to relate to your target audience.

So how can you work towards having a relatable brand? It should be no surprise that it all comes down to pleasing your audience. The majority of such success can be attributed to four basic principles that can make your brand more relatable.

Your Message Should Cater to Your Audience: You need to understand what makes your target audience tick. You need to know them like you know some of your best friends. This means that you won’t have to guess at what they want to see—you’ll deliver what they’re expecting. Staying relatable to your target audience in such a way is invaluable when it comes to building a strong brand.

Hone Your Online Voice: Marketing online is a different beast than traditional marketing. Online, tools like social media have made marketing more like a conversation. (This is why you have to get the above principle nailed down). With a great online voice and a presence that has a strong presence in social media, clients and potential clients will start to see you as an authentic figure within your industry. That trust can lead to longtime customers.

Ask for Feedback and Use It: By requesting feedback from your customers, you are engaging them in a way that they appreciate; they believe that you truly appreciate their opinion. But more than that, you are keeping them involved with your brand. When they leave feedback, even something as simple as a comment on your blog, they become an active participant in your business.

Think Less Like a Salesman: People get tired of a sales pitch very quickly. This is especially true online. Because of this, don’t devote all of your blogging time and content creation to trying to get sales. Share information with your audience and give them something valuable. If you stay stuck in the “sell, sell, sell” mentality, you become predictable and annoying to the audience you are trying to win over.

What are some other ways you have been able to relate to your audience? Is it easier to connect online or in the real world?

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