Why You Should Use Facebook Ad Targeting

A lot of people that are marginally new to Facebook will no doubt make the classic Facebook first-timers mistake. That is, of course, creating an account and blindly posting updates that have no relevance to their audience. Or, worse than that, not updating regularly at all.

facebook-ad-targeting-bullseyeThose that are guilty of this are clearly not understanding the tools that Facebook has to offer. It’s not enough to simply have a Facebook presence—you have to master it. You have to own your Facebook (and all other social media, actually) presence.

On way you can do that is to utilize the targeting function. If you’re struggling with getting people to “like” your page, you really do need to check out all of the targeting options that are available.

Why look into targeted ads of Facebook? Yeah, they cost some cash (and actually not that much, by the way), but the benefits can be enormous.

  • You always know that your ad is reaching the people that have targeted; the guesswork is removed completely.
  • Facebook ads make it super simple for people to connect to any space you want—your Facebook page, your website, an online store or anything else at all.
  • You can get incredibly specific. If you only want your ad to reach stay at home dads that live in Spokane, Washington, you can do that.

Best of all, you have complete control over the payment options as well. You can choose from a Pay per Click option and a Pay per Impression option. And you can also base it on a pre-determined daily budget.

And when you can get well accustomed to the way these ads work, you can really start playing them heavily to your advantage. Before you know it, you’ll have more followers and more inquiries about your business.

But you have to stay consistent and learn to sue Facebook as a tool and not just a prop for your business.

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