The Business Card: A Forgotten Branding Relic

man_handing_cardWith everyone so caught up in trying to capture social media magic and looking for the next best thing in mobile marketing, many business owners seem to have overlooked one of the most common marketing tools out there: the business card.

While business cards may seem old fashioned and a thing of the past, they still remain one of the most effective pieces of marketing material at your disposal. Sure, the tech gurus and social media experts may scoff at this concept, but it’s undeniably true.

Here are some reasons you should still rely on your business to help spread the word about your brand.

Forget sending an e-mail, texting, or sharing a link; a business card is always on you. Just reach in your wallet and hand it over. Presto! You’ve provided all of your pertinent information in less than three seconds.

Believe it or not, people do still use business cards as a means to keep someone else’s information. This means that someone that has gotten your card in the past can easily refer you to someone else and easily provide them with your card. This is much simpler than the person of interest going online, Googling your name and maybe finding your information online. A business card turns a process of several minute into a mere five to ten seconds.

Let’s face it…you’re essentially giving away a makeshift bookmark. This means that a percentage of people that get your card will see it several times in the course of a week.

Business cards are a great and inexpensive way to promote yourself. Depending on where you get your cards done and the level of effort you put into them, they can serve as one of the most attractive pieces of marketing at your disposal. Including items such as QR cods to integrate them into current technologies makes business cards nearly irreplaceable.

How about you? Are you still relying on business cards as a large part of your promotion? Share your thoughts on this age-old tool below!

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