Mastering Your SEO Strategies

Anyone that is not a writer has likely found the ordeal of incorporating SEO into your site without being obvious about it. The craft of SEO involves a degree of subtlety and, at times, even a bit of trickery.

If you’re having issues with placing SEO content into your site without sacrificing the writing, try incorporating these 3 tactics.

Create Longer Phrases: If your site is selling pet products and you write content where one of the SEO items is “squeak toys,” there are likely going to be countless other sites using this same phrasing. Making your phrase longer—something like “blue mouse squeak toys”—really make your phrasing unique. Making longer and more specific key word phrases ensure that your site will pop up closer to the top of a Google search.

Make Use of Alternative Text: Alternative text can be found within a picture or image used on your site. Because they are used as “alternative text” within an image, they can’t actually be seen by readers to the site. This allows you to add more weight to your SEO without hindering the quality of your writing. Of course, the picture and the alternative text both need to be relevant to your site and the topic you are writing about.

Utilize the Title: You title tag is one of the most overlooked tools when approaching SEO. Making sure you include your keyword phrasing within your title or title tags make sure the title will get caught by search engines. In terms of a search, a title tag can be one of the strongest tools at your disposal. And, because it is the title, the use of your SEO phrasing won’t be as glaringly obvious.

There is a bit of strategy in drafting effective SEO text; you want to make sure your content is picked up by search engines, but don’t want the copy to read awkwardly. Remember that the quality of your copy is the important thing. You can pull in all the readers you want, but if they all find your writing as sloppy and intentionally loaded with SEO keywords, your site can quickly get a bad reputation.


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