Maintaining the Real World Office

MPD-Office-StudioLAB7Sure, the majority of small businesses are run online these days. But there are still small businesses all around the world that are doing very well via either traditional or “hybrid” means.  For these businesses, they not only have to worry about maintaining their brand’s integrity and reputation online, but in the physical world as well.

So for those business owners that are operating the bulk of their business out of an actual brick and mortar storefront, what are some of the ways that you can keep your business attractive to your customers in the physical world as well as online?

Check the Exterior:

  • Make sure you have signage out front. It should be colorful, easy to notice, and a great visual representation of your brand.
  • If you have financial means and if your locale allows for it, invest in some landscaping. Nothing fancy—just something to make your business stand out from those around you. If your business is on a block where there are only sidewalks and streets, think about a potted plant outside your door.
  • Keep your windows and doors clean. Dirty and unkempt exteriors make people think it will be much of the same once inside.

Look Inside:

  • Unless you’re running a cocktail lounge, make sure your office is always well lit for customers. Make them feel bright and comfortable whenever you can.
  • Keep the clutter to a minimum. While you want people to see that you are bust, you also want them to see that you take pride in your workspace.
  • If possible, try to have out examples of your work. Let people see right away—without even speaking to you—that the quality of your work is exceptional.
  • Don’t skimp when it comes to maintenance. If you know that rear wall needs a new layer of paint, do it as soon as possible rather than putting it off until later. Take the same pride in your office as you do in your home when you are entertaining guests.

What are some other ways you can think of to keep a business looking attractive in the physical world?

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