Carving Out Your Niche

The number of people that are going into business for themselves is growing every year. Because of this, the online working environment is getting more competitive than ever. Freelancers in particular really need to find a way to make themselves stand out.

109888391But with such a diverse range of skills that people are looking for, how can you make yourself stand out in what often appears to be a depthless sea of candidates?

Well, for starters, use all of that vastness to your advantage. You can do this by focusing on your strengths and building a brand within a niche that is much less crowded.

For instance, if you are a copywriter don’t just sell yourself to potential clients as a copywriter. If you do, you’re going to drown in a sea full of copywriters. Instead, focus on what you know the most about and what you know you are good at.

Let’s say you know a lot about pets. And let’s also say that your educational background was in professional writing. In this hypothetical situation, you would likely be best served to sell yourself as a copywriter that specializes in the area of pets. But more than that, you would want to look for jobs such as articles, blogs, e-books and so on. However, if you’d gone to college for marketing, basic copywriting for ads and more market-driven copy would be better suited to you.

Or maybe you’re a graphic designer. Where do you really shine? Is it in web development and site design or is it in marketing pieces? Don’t try to cover the entire spectrum all at once. Find the one facet of your area of expertise and hone in on that. If you can build a brand on a niche specialty, you’ll find success faster than you will by labeling yourself under a more basic title.

So while there may not be a title like “pet copywriter” out there, you may be surprised at how specific some job descriptions can be. And the more specific your bio is, the better chance you have of landing those more specific jobs that can help to build your portfolio.

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