Keeping Fun at the Center of Your Facebook Page

facebookIt’s now common knowledge that if a small business doesn’t have a presence online, they are at a severe disadvantage. But having a Facebook account is only part of the process. In fact, most businesses that get an account rarely use it—and those that do use it regularly aren’t utilizing it to its full effect.

Most people tend to forget a very important aspect of Facebook…that Facebook is a huge part of social media and social media in and of itself is designed to be fun. Sure, social media in all aspects can be a huge boost to small business, but it can also be a lot more effective when you keep that element of fun to it.

Regardless of industry or business interests, there are several ways to spruce up the content on your Facebook page. This is more than just a way to keep your current followers or fans entertained; it is also a way for them to spread the word about your business. The more attention you can get n Facebook (for the right reasons, of course), the better shape you’ll be in.

A few suggestions for keeping your Facebook page fun and exciting include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • If you know of some great clip from a comedic TV show or a comedians’ stand-up routine that is based on your business, find it on YouTube and post it to provide your fans and followers with a good laugh.
  • Post poignant and relevant pictures. For example, if you operate a bakery, post pictures not just if your own creations, but inspirational and impressive pieces from all over the internet. If you’re in real estate, do the same with great interior design ideas, and so on.
  • Interact with your fans and followers. Engaging in the comments section is not only part of the fun, but it shows your current and potential customers that you take the time to read their comments.

Give your Facebook the page the love and attention it deserves. By keeping it on the funny side while also remaining professional, you present the public with an entertaining side of you that traditional marketing simply doesn’t provide.

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