Influencing Other with the 10 Laws of Influence (Part 1)

policeOne of the most common ways your brand will likely win over a new client is through the way you influence others. There are many different ways to influence someone, especially when it comes to branding and advertising. But the main thing you need to concern yourself with is making sure you are abiding by the 10 Laws of Influence.

I know…I know…laws. Yuck. And 10 Laws seem like a whole lot. Given that, we’ve provided all ten of the laws below and only expanded upon the ones that can truly apply to growing your business.

Today, we’ll discuss the first five laws. No sense in bombarding you with too much information all at once. Besides, if you read through these and find that you need to adjust, you’re not going to have time to fully investigate all ten of them.

1.  Law of Reciprocity: If a customer is giving you their divided attention and time, the best way you can reciprocate is through great customer service and wowing them with a finished product or service.

2. Law of Time: Always be aware of the fact that your customers have schedules to keep, too. Show them how much you value their business by delivering the goods on time or, better yet, ahead of schedule.

3. Law of Friends: This one can be tricky for anyone, as it concerns treating every customer like a friend. This is just common sense in the business world, so let’s move on…

4. Law of Contrast: You can really make this one work for you if you can confidently contrast what you can provide against what your competitors can provide and come out looking like gold. You should do this every chance you get.

5. Law of Scarcity: This one is simple—be able to offer customers something that they aren’t going to find anywhere else. This can be as simple as exceptional customer service or as important as the rarity of the services or products you provide.

How do you fair on these five items? If you have these bases covered for the most part, chances are that you have a potentially influential brand on your hands. Tune in tomorrow to see if you have the other five laws nailed down as well.


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