Finding Your Brand’s “Unique Factor”

black-sheepYou could be the best business in your industry within a wide geographical region. You could even be rocking out success after success online and taking the internet by storm with the sheer awesomeness of your business.

But how long will it last? It really all comes down to how your market yourself. And really, when you boil it all down, there is one surefire golden ticket for positioning yourself to always succeed at online marketing: a unique selling point.

Think really hard about this for a minute. Do you have a unique selling position? Do you have something that differentiates you from your competition? What is it about your brand that should make customers choose you over any of your competitors?

If you can’t answer any of these questions fairly easy, you could be in trouble.

Dig deep into your brand—maybe even into your personality and interests—to see what really separates you from the pack. A few things to look for:

Are you legitimately funny? No, drunk-funny-at-the-office-party humor doesn’t count. But if you have a personality that tends to be humorous mad makes people laugh, you should be using it at the core your marketing.

Are you helping the community? You should be vocal about any strides you are taking to better the environment, particularly when it comes to improving your own community.

Are You Experienced? If you’ve been working within your industry for longer than your competition or even if you have previously worked for some big names, use this as part of your marketing platform. Show your target audience every possible way that you are better than your competition and don’t pull any punches in doing so.

Based on these three factors, you should at least be able to find a few clues as to what your “unique factor” is. Polish it up and insert it into your branding message and your marketing to take full advantage of it.

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