How to Create Engaging Content Every Time

Laughing-at-computerOne of the hardest things about remaining relevant in an online atmosphere is the ability to keep readers coming back to your content. For sites that develop content on a daily basis, they really need to make sure they are hammering out creative and engaging content.

By engaging, we literally mean that each article or blog they create needs to connect with the audience to some degree. There are some relatively easy ways to make sure you are doing this and if your company isn’t doing most of these, they are easy changes to make.

Write content based on items that you know your audience will be interested in. Open your content up for debate by asking hypothetical questions and inviting people to leave comments.

  • Try to keep up to date on recent trends and new stories. If at all possible, make this one of the duties of one particular person in your company.
  • Don’t re-tread worn out past topics. While it is okay to reference older news items, dredging them up and doing simple rewrites to make it appear fresh is not going to fool anyone. Also, it will make your business seem lazy.
  • Are you using relevant keywords? If not, your audience will have a hard time finding you; then even if your content is engaging, there will be no readers to engage it.
  • It’s a good rule of thumb to incorporate images into each article or blog you write. The image should be relevant and reflect your brand’s personality. If you have a photographer or designer on hand to make new unique images, take full advantage of this.
  • If you’re not funny by nature, don’t try to pull it off in your content. Be true to yourself and write your content in a way that you would speak to someone that came into your office.

Your content should be fresh, exciting, and give your audience something to think about. Make sure you engage them with great content on a regular basis and you will have a huge following of devoted readers in no time.

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