How Copywriters Can Discover New Content During the Super Bowl

fieldThe Super Bowl is the most watched event in the United States, drawing in rankings that obliterate most others at the end of the year. It’s an exciting time for not only sports fans but advertisers and businesses as well.

Due to the excitement and hype around the Super Bowl, it’s a given that any business or writer should try to utilize it as a promotional tool or even just a reference for subjects related to their business or website copy. For copywriters that write blogs, articles and similar content, the Super Bowl provides limitless avenues to craft your content.

Even if you know nothing about the sport, the potential for topics is endless. First, think about the market, brand, or topic your blog is centered around and how it might relate to the Super Bowl. If you strike out there, go a step further and dig into the specifics of the game.

Where is it being played this year? Where are the teams from? What are the teams called? Are there players on any of the teams that would interest your target audience and loyal readers?

Once you start looking beyond the obvious topics, a whole new range of ideas become available to you.

Even after the game is over, you still have source material for further ideas. Lots of ad-oriented sites will come up with content for weeks following the game based solely on the commercials and the costs associated with advertising. Copywriters in a wide range of genres and spectrums can do the same based on the content of the ads themselves. And because Super Bowl ads try to cater to just about all types of audiences, you should have a lot to choose from.

While it might be a stretch to say that it is your American duty to watch the Super Bowl, you should watch it just to stay informed of the marketing concepts expressed in the ads. That, coupled with the fact that the entire event is a cornucopia of copywriting ideas, should have you sitting by the TV as you take notes and schedule posts and other content for weeks to come.


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