5 Twitter Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Brand

Yesterday we took a look at some of the best Twitter accounts from a different variety of brands. But on the flip side of that, there are some habits that can severely damage your brand’s reputation if you don’t know how to use Twitter the right way.

Here are five of the biggest mistakes that brands continue to make far too often.

Silence: Having a Twitter account is a complete waste of time and resources if you aren’t going to use it regularly. Sure, we understand that there are times when the day gets too hectic and social media has to take a back seat. But if your tweets are as infrequent as once or twice a week, you’re doing it wrong. Consistency is key on twitter, especially when you’re trying to build up a steady number of followers.

Blindly Building the Numbers: One rule of Twitter etiquette states that you should never follow people just to build up your numbers. Only follow people you are legitimately interested in following. As a matter of fact, it’s a good idea to always keep your number of followers lower than the number of people that are following you.

Stop Tweeting Long Conversations: There’s a character limit on twitter for a reason—to keep lengthy rants off of Twitter. If you find yourself using several tweets to convey one message, you’re likely annoying your followers.

Keep Your Personal Life Personal: There’s a pretty broad line between your personal life and your business. There are some places where it’s okay to overlap. For instance, maybe you want to praise the great cup of coffee you got while dropping a link to the coffee shop’s account. But you don’t want to go on and on about your wife, kids, or political affiliations.

It Is Never All About You: Some self-promotion is okay. After all, you need to get the word out about special offers somehow. But don’t make that all you tweet about. Engage in conversations with others and never keep the focus entirely on yourself.

What are some Twitter no-nos that you have seen that have left you cringing?

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