5 Twitter Accounts that Are Doing Branding the Right Way

In the land of Twitter, there are some brands that are getting the social media game exactly right and some that are doing it pretty poorly.

Today, let’s take a look at some of the better examples before having a laugh or two at some of the worst examples tomorrow.

If you really want to do branding right in the social media world, here are some Twitter accounts worth following.

Ford: Ford’s Twitter account is a great example of how to ix up content between articles, simple tweets and photos. They are also great at authenticating their brand and their account by linking and RT’ing other brands that mention them.

Dell: While they may not be the go-to source for computers, the way they have segregated their various accounts is smart business strategy at work. They have separate accounts set up for sales, customer support and then the master account. This makes it easier for customers to contact the account they need while also using multiple accounts to establish their Twitter presence.

Sharpie: while it may not be an obvious brand to follow, Sharpie is doing everything right. Known for interacting with tons of customers on their account, their humor and sarcasm is unmatched in most social media circles. This is a brand that is simply fun to follow.

Starbucks: Their Twitter account makes use of all of their other social media accounts as well. And while some people claim they do tend to promote themselves a bit too much, their expert ability to flawlessly do so in their brand voice makes you not care quite as much.

The Travel Channel: If you follow these guys at @travelchannel, you’ll notice that they don’t really engage with other much. But their enormous amount of links to relevant videos and vital travel information for nearly every location, age and culture more than makes up for it.

What are some other Twitter accounts that you think really represents what social media branding is all about?

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