5 Key Strategies for Writing Effective and Interesting SEO Copy

Knowing how to write effective SEO content is one of the key elements to getting your content to the top of a Google search and read by millions. As SEO has become something of an art form in and of itself, there are now numerous approaches to writing SEO content that reads well and communicates a message clearly.

While there is no 100% tried and true approach, there are several strategies that seem to help considerably.

Lists: Try to write your content with an article included. Within that list, be sure to insert keywords appropriately.

Be strategic: Don’t just shove your keywords into a chunk of content to get it in there. Readers are smarter than most SEO “experts” think. Most will glaze over a poorly written article and pay it little attention.

Don’t let keywords restrict your content: Many SEO writers use an approach that doesn’t even involve the SEO aspects until the very end. This method suggests that the writer constructs the content first and works in the keywords at the end. This way, your message isn’t restricted or weakened by your need to automatically drop keywords in. Here, the message comes first—and after all, that’s what means the most to the reader.

Have a strong title: Some writers get trapped in trying to craft a clever or witty title. However, the best thing you can do with a title is to allow it to communicate the body of the article in just a few words. Try to make it sound urgent or full of information.  Getting the keyword in there certainly helps but, like the content of the text itself, don’t limit yourself because of the keyword.

The numbers game: Try to include a number in your title specifically. Typically when a reader sees a number in the title, they know the content is going to get straight to the point; there are few surprises in these types of articles and the reader knows just how much information they will be getting.

Again, there are many other strategies for SEO writing. But if you can master these few basics, you’re on your way to creating compelling SEO content.


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