4 Simple Twitter Strategies Most People Overlook

 Popular social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are well known for their accessibility and the fact that they can be a great deal of fun. But underneath eh fin, as we all know, there are amazing business marketing tools. But are you using these tools correctly?

There are various ways to easily utilize Twitter to make sure people learn more about you and your small business. Here are a few no-brainers that some people surprisingly overlook.


Perfect Your Bio: 140 characters isn’t really enough to let people know the kind of person you are. For this reason, you need to make sure your bio is perfect. You don’t have a lot of room to work with, so make sure that you explain who you are and what you do while also showing your personality.

Organize Your Followers: A typical Twitter account will have followers that are business associates, friends, and celebrities. You can organize your followers into groups, saving you time when you are looking to reach out only to businesses associates. You can also ensure that you never miss important Tweets about your industry by organizing your followers.

Follow Strategically: Spammers are getting clever; you might be following a few and not even know it. To make sure you are following actual people, take the time to look at their Twitter feed. If they have been ending the same messages to multiple users, they are likely a bot or spammer. You can also determine this by looking their ration of followers vs. following. If they follow lots of people but have hardly any followers, they are probably just a spammer that will clog up your feed with garbage.

Go Public: Make sure people know you have a Twitter account. You can do this by adding your username to your e-mail signage, business cards, brochures, any signage for your business, and especially on your website.

There’s really no end to the simple ways you can use Twitter to drive new people to your website or business. Once you learn the basics of any social media platform you’ll ave a whole new skill-set to grow your business.


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