3 Great Advertising Ideas for the Summer

happy-businessman-relaxing-at-beach-while-summer-holidayThere’s something about the beginning of summer that is almost magical. Whether it’s an inclination for warmer weather or something instilled in us since childhood when summer meant the end of school, summer is a time for relaxing and playing it cool.

It’s also an opportune time to buckle down on your advertising. There are many ways to take full advantage of people’s love of the summer. When playing to the relaxed and warm summer feeling, even your advertising can have a fun edge to it. Here are a few simple advertising ideas for the summer.

Give your brand some summer flair: While it’s never a good idea to re-brand completely, you can alter your logo and promotional materials just enough to give it that summer feeling. Implement warm summer colors into your logo or website or even create summer-only fliers to promote special offers or sales.

Use summer staples to tie in to your advertising: Consider local summer hotspots in your area. Maybe it’s a water park, a zoo or some form of tourist attraction. Whatever it is, why not offer coupons for those attraction. Create offers that provide these coupons to customers that spend a certain amount of money with your business. You can also consider giving special discounts to customers that are coming to you for anything summer-related.

Hold and promote events such as picnics or other fun outdoor events: While there is a bit of planning and strategy involved, planning outdoor activities for your customers can always help bring in new business. Send out invitations to your customers, including on the invitation that they are welcome to bring friends. You, of course, provide the food and entertainment, and your customers provide the brand loyalty and potential new customers.

So take advantage of summer! It is a great time to chill out and relax, but it is also a great time t start planning for how you can use the season to your advantage when it comes to marketing.

But don’t forget to have some fun while you’re doing it!

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