You Posted What? Recovering From Embarrassing Posts.

Social media lets your business share success stories, promote products and interact with fans and customers. However, there are still rules for posting. What happens after you post something embarrassing or controversial? Should you just ignore it or try to recover? Find out how ways your business can perform damage control quickly and easily.

Remove The Post

Start by first removing the offensive post, if possible. If there is already a lengthy discussion about it, start with the second tip and then remove the post. You want any embarrassing or offensive material removed from your account as quickly as possible, otherwise you may lose new fans and followers.

While it’s true the damage is already done, you can minimize the number of people who actually see it. Your fans and followers will appreciate you taking the time to remove something so controversial.

Acknowledge The Mistake

Don’t just remove the post and pretend like nothing happened. Post an apology or explanation. If a lengthy explanation is necessary, publish a blog post on your website and link to it from your social media page. For Facebook, consider using the Note or Info option to provide details. People understand that mistakes happen. Perhaps something was posted in the heat of the moment or perhaps a thought didn’t sound quite as good when actually written out.

Reiterate Company Values

For offensive or controversial posts, take the chance to reiterate company values. Ensure fans and followers understand how seriously your company has taken the issue and exactly where your business stands. Since it is usually a best policy not to discuss religion, politics or other personal opinions, keep policies open minded so as not to discriminate or make a group of followers feel disliked.

Erase With Promotion

Run a temporary promotion to help to essentially erase the situation. People love a great deal. Offer a special coupon or discount to followers. Let them participate in a contest or offer exclusive feedback on a new product or service. Whatever you do, give your followers a reason to continue following you that has nothing to do with the embarrassing post.

You can’t always prevent something problematic from being posted. However, you can help minimize the damage and cover your company’s good name if you act quickly.

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