Why’s Everybody Always Picking on Me? SEO Jokes

SEO—search engine optimization. It can cause some people to become excited (mainly those that write SEO copy) and others cringe. In some circles, it has gotten a bad reputation for being too direct and downright spammy. It’s a much debated topic art those super cool parties that copywriters and social media gurus have after hours.

Of course, any good SEO writer can write optimized copy in a way that is not blatantly filled with keywords. Of course, this is a talent that takes time and training.

But enough with that….

Friday is a great day to have some fun. As we have a tendency to do on this page, we thought we’d unwind a bit and reward our readers with a few more small business jokes.

Today, we’re going to keep things much more centralized, though. Today, we’re picking specifically on SEO. It is, after all, one of those buzzwords we all use but only a handful of us understand fully.  And, as we said above, they often get cast in a negative light and cause quite a bit of bickering.

They’re almost like the lawyers of the internet when it comes to jokes.

But of course, it can make you feel much better to laugh and what we fear.

So without further ado…


Q: What does a chiropractor fix?  A: Backlinks

Q: What is SEO’s favorite music?  A: Heavy Meta

Did you know that Jehovah’s Witnesses are really interested in SEO? A: Yes, they want to improve their conversion rates.

Q: What’s an SEO writer’s favorite dish at Thanksgiving?  A: Keyword stuffing

Q: Why don’t SEO writers enjoy watching women jump on a trampoline? A: Too high of a bounce rate.

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