Why Success on Facebook and Twitter Require Different Approaches

There’s no doubt that Twitter and Facebook are the most powerful social media tools out there. There Is no better way than to share content and interact with your target audience. However, while both are highly effective in serving the same purpose—growing your audience and getting your brand to the masses—users need to use different strategies to be successful on each one.

For instance, if you are looking to increase the number of your followers n Twitter, you will approach things differently than if you were trying to get more “likes” on Facebook. For starters, Twitter has a lot more cases people following accounts with the very basic strategy of hoping that person will follow them back.

Of course, if you are a big name in the business world already, your main point of attack is simply making sure that your clients know your Twitter handle. But if you’re lower on the totem pole, one strategy you can use is to follow relevant people and then retweet their content to your other followers. This will eventually help broadcast your account, accumulating followers along the way. This strategy shows us that it’s perfectly okay to follow people you don’t know personally. The thought behind this is networking to grow your number of followers.

The approach on Facebook is slightly different. Most of the time, it comes down to knowing someone before friending or following them. The difference here, of course, comes in that people of Facebook are a lot less likely to friend a complete stranger. With Twitter, on the other hand, your account can actually thrive when strangers follow your account.

Of course, Facebook accounts for businesses and celebrities are a bit different. Because these Facebook accounts aren’t overly personal and are a reflection of your company, it is more acceptable to have complete strangers Liking your page.

So, while most outlets for social media do indeed serve the same purpose, each tool has different strategies that need to be implemented in order to make them work for you. Keep this in mind as you incorporate more social media tools into the way your business is run.


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