What Does Your Office Say About Your Brand?

modern-office-room-interior-designWhen someone walks into your office, what sort of message are they getting? Does your office reflect your brand well or is it a mess of confusion?

We’re not talking about just being tidy. We’re talking about the ability that your office has to represent you as an individual as well as your overall brand. Comfortable chairs and nice fancy desks are nice, yes…but there’s more to it than that.

For instance, think about…

…your desk.

Your desk should be the flight deck of the office. It should never be pressed against the wall. It should be as close to the center of the room as possible. This allows for optimum space to all sides, something that some experts suggest helps stimulate creativity. Also, clutter should be kept to a minimum; keep pens and other miscellaneous office items in your drawers.

Remember…a neat and organized desk reflects a neat and organized brand.

…your brand.

Having pictures of your family on your desk and walls is perfectly fine. It gives your office a sense of warmth and charm. Still, your brand needs to be represented just as much as your family.

You want your brand represented by your personality. Is your brand known for being fun and laid back? If so, something like a dart board or a foosball table is appropriate. But if your brand is known for no nonsense and rigidity (which…why?) you may want to stick with plaques, trophies and the like. The last thing you want is an office environment that contradicts the type of brand you are trying to build.


Try to incorporate the colors of your logo or website into your office. This isn’t so much for your own enjoyment, but to enhance the environment of your brand for any visitors to your office. While we wouldn’t suggest painting your walls red if it is one of your brand’s colors, chairs and decorative art aren’t such a bad idea.

What are some other ways you have transformed your office to match the style of your brand?

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