Valentine’s Day Marketing: Point/Counterpoint

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s MartaCrowe_ValentinesDayDay is upon us again. As one of the most polarizing holidays on the calendar, it is a day that gets much discussion and debate. Because of its popularity, it is an obvious target for businesses when it comes to offering sales or special offers.

But before your company decides to participate in such a Valentine’s Day offer, you need to consider the pros and cons behind such an endeavor.

POINT: Valentine’s Day is one of the more profitable days of the year for a variety of businesses (just ask candy stores and florists). To not get in on the action may seem lazy and almost silly. Women and men alike are looking for deals in order to get their special someone the perfect gift. Even if you’re your company is in no way tied to flowers, chocolate or love, you can still market a special offer as being a Valentine’ Day sale.

For a drastic example, an auto garage could hold a Sweetheart Service discount. On Valentine’s Day, all women are extended a 25% discount on the servicing of their car. Or maybe a your online music store has a special on albums known for their love songs or ballads.

Get it on the action! Valentine’s Day offers ways for every type of business to profit.

COUNTERPOINT: Not everyone likes Valentine’s Day. In fact, some people despise it. Anything that has the term “Valentine’s Day” in it throughout the week of February 14the will likely be ignored by members of this crowd.  While your loyal customers will absolutely want to hear about any deals or offers you have, they may find it silly or even a bit cheap when you try to mold your business around one single day that some don’t even view as an actual holiday.

More than that, why waste your time and energy—further dragging your business through the mud—in trying to exploit a holiday that has nothing to do with your scope of work?

Why disrespect yourself in such a way?

How about you? Which side of the Valentine’s Day battle do you, as a business owner, fall on?

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