Using Videos To Grow Your Business and Multiply Your Audience

Video_CameraIf you ever find yourself getting tired of writing copy over and over again to promote your business or to keep your blog up to date, you might want to consider switching to video. Most people tend to think that venturing into video as a means of spreading their message can be timely and expensive.

However, with the use of web cams and simple software, anyone fresh off the street can learn how to create a video from their computer in a surprisingly short period of time.

There are a ton of benefits to using video as part of your marketing scheme. First and foremost, by placing a face to your brand and speaking about topics within the industry, video makes you seem like more of an authority within your industry. It also makes you seem much more credible than by simply writing blog posts.

Also, when you start using videos as part of your message, your audience has a whole new way to engage with you. In a video, they can see your energy, passion, and enthusiasm for the topic being discussed. They can also get a sense of your professionalism.

Speaking of professionalism, there are a few key traits that a video will communicate to your audience that a basic copy won’t. Because of that, keep the following three things in mind as you venture into video:

Be Brief: The one similarity between video and copy is that if either is too long, you’re going to lose your audience’s attention. Keep it brief. Try to keep any videos you use to share your message to under three minutes.

Give a Reason: Don’t just post the video and hope your target audience agrees with what you say. Share your reason for posting the video. Let them know about your motivations for sharing the information and why you think it is important to them as well.

The Call to Action: End every video with a call to action, whether it be visiting your website or blog or visiting your place of business. You can also ask them to leave a comment or to share the video with their friends.

Once you get the hang of making a video, you’ll start to quickly see how it pays off. Like writing copy, keep your videos fresh and interesting and your audience will continue to grow.

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