Twitter Isn’t Just Tweets – 4 Ways To Utilize Twitter

The initial marketing concept for Twitter is to simply tweet about the latest product releases and company updates. While this does gain you followers, there are other uses for Twitter besides just tweeting to the world. Twitter actually has two distinct purposes. The first is to make followers aware of your brand, while the second is to use feedback to better your business.

Gain Essential Feedback

Don’t limit yourself to talking to your followers. Instead, ask for their feedback. This involves your followers and allows you to receive completely free feedback on product features, what customers are looking for and how your company can improve. Link to videos, surveys and polls to provide an easy way for followers to provide their feedback. You can also take advantage of Q&A days where you customers actually ask you questions.

Optimize Marketing

With Twitter, you can track how many times tweets have been retweeted along with any responses. This is the perfect way to determine what types of tweets are most effective. While you can still use other types of tweets, the most effective ones are the ones which create the most buzz. Use your Twitter stats to optimize your marketing campaign.

Full History

Consider Twitter to be a record of your social marketing history. At any point, you can go back in time to see customer feedback along with your own business information. You can quickly chart how far your business has come since using social media and which marketing strategies have worked best.

Go With The Trends

Just like search engines, Twitter has daily, weekly and even monthly trends. Some hashtags and topics are more popular than others. Use this information to focus your tweets around any of these popular topics to better increase brand awareness. Even a completely off topic tweet on a popular topic can increase followers if it is humorous and professional.

Don’t stop at just tweeting. Instead, take advantage of all the information Twitter offers to users. From history to optimizing marketing, your business has much to glean from the 140 character messages between you and your followers.

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