Tips For Using Graphics For Social Media Campaigns

Here are some tips on using graphics for your social media campaigns. A social media campaign is far more than just status updates. As you probably already know, your profile is extremely important. This is where visitors find out more about your company and brand. What is just as important are the graphics you use, not only in your profile, but throughout your posts and links.

The Profile

Most companies choose to use their logo as their profile picture. While this is fine, taking an extra step will make it more personal and friendly. Choose those who are involved with your campaign and place them in the photo as well. While still professional, it gives visitors someone to associate the posts with. Overall, it makes your profile graphic far more sociable instead of just the average company logo.

Ensure the graphic is large and detailed enough so visitors can easily recognize your logo along with the fact there are people in the picture as well. Generally, choose no more than three people for the profile picture to prevent crowding and clutter.

Become Personal

Most social networks allow you to post photos in addition to regular posts and profiles. Take advantage of this to post photos of your products and services in action. Also showcase any community involvement. This helps visitors relate to your company and get an idea of what you have to offer. They never need to leave the network to view this information, making them more likely to click any links you have later.

Adding Graphics To Posts

Standard text based posts are great. However, visuals are better. Whenever possible, take the time to add a related graphic or video to your posts. While these do not always have to be business related, ensure they remain professional. A fun cartoon with a joke related to your product is a perfect way to engage your visitors. A controversial image will hurt your brand, so ensure there is nothing offensive in your graphics.

Graphics are the perfect way to not only tell visitors what’s going on, but show them as well. Whether you post the graphics or link to them, use them when you can to engage visitors as much as possible in your social media campaign.

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