There’s Still Marketing Power in E-mails..If You Do It Right

While social media still continues to be the juggernaut in the marketing world, many people often overlook the many uses that can still be found in simple e-mails. Let’s not forget that although e-mail might not be as much of a hot topic as recent Twitter or Facebook trends, it is still just as immediate and accessible as any other form of marketing.

As a matter of fact, when a marketing e-mail is crafted just the right way, it can still pack the same punch as a timely tweet or a poignant Facebook status. As a refresher, remember that e-mails are effective for a wide range of marketing tasks such as:

Personalization: E-mail allows you to take a more personal approach that social media tools just can’t offer. Not only are you connecting with them on a name-to-name basis, but you can also personalize their experience. For instance, perhaps you can offer them discounts or information on certain products or offers based on past interactions.

Easy Follow-ups: Not only is it easier to follow up with someone via e-mail (rather than doing it on Twitter or Facebook where everyone can see), but you can also start a dialogue about whatever issues or topics are relevant. E-mails allow longer and more well-explained sales pitches or explanations that social media either won’t allow or makes public rather than private and personalized.

Be Visual: In newsletters or just simple mails, you have the ability to include images or designs. Of course, when you place in-depth graphics or logos into your marketing mails, Spam filters may pick them up. To prevent this, you can stick to just your copy and provide links that will take them directly to your website and to the offer or discussion in question.

Please Your Target Audience: On certain social media platforms, anything you post can be Shared, Favorited or Retweeted. While this is certainly great—your message is getting spread—it is also being forced upon an audience that has no interest. With e-mail marketing, your mails are going to only those that have signed up for the mail through your website.

There is still marketing power in sending out e-mails, as long as they are well-timed and not flooding in-boxes. Make sure your message is clear, succinct, and offers some sort of benefit to the reader.

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