The Best Times To Post On Facebook

Of all the Facebook questions businesses have, the most common revolves around the best posting times. Even the best posts fail if no one sees them. While Facebook is a 24/7 marketing dream, there are certain times during the day and throughout the week which offer far more opportunities for your posts to be noticed. Luckily, these posting times work perfectly for most businesses.

The Best Clicks

If you’re posting links, the ideal time frame is between 1 PM and 4 PM EST. The majority of your fans are checking their newsfeeds often not only during this time frame, but for approximately four hours after this time. This ensures your post stays on a fan’s newsfeed throughout optimal hours.

Too Early, Too Late

While Facebook fans are on day and night, you’re likely to receive very little interaction when posting before 8 AM EST or after 8 PM EST. By the time most fans check their newsfeed, your post is already consider outdated or has disappeared altogether. Unless your business’s target audience are night owls, avoid posting too early or too late.

The “Time”

Studies have shown that posting on Wednesdays around 3 PM EST is the optimal time for Facebook posts. Traffic tends to be at its absolute peak. Businesses should save their most important posts or links for Wednesday afternoons. This doesn’t mean you should bombard your fans’ newsfeeds every Wednesday with multiple posts. Instead, save the big posts, such as product announcements or contests, for the middle of the week. You’ll see far more likes, shares and comments which lead to more fans.


While these times work perfectly for many businesses, every set of fans is different. Start with the times listed above and study your Facebook analytics. Adjust your posts approximately a hour at a time until you find your business’s own optimal times. On average, posting during business hours tends to work to your advantage.

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