Social Media and Buzz Marketing

Business Online Social Networking Builds Brand Recognition and Offers Additional Advertising for Better Search Engine Placement

As the Internet evolves, so do our marketing practices. With the current shift to a “relationship economy”, connecting with your customers has never been more important. Social networks and online communities present exciting opportunities to reach and engage your audience in more meaningful ways, and our business social networking and word of mouth advertising services are designed to help you leverage these opportunities to reach your specific goals.
How Social and Buzz Marketing Will Turbo Charge Your Web Marketing Efforts …

• Searches on social networking online Websites are becoming more popular.

• Social media sites gives users methods of interacting in ways that traditional Web pages can’t offer.

• The more involved a company is in social media, the better rankings their very own Websites can receive on search engines.
Why is social and buzz “word of mouth” marketing so effective?

1. Influence – Consumers are less influenced by traditional marketing and more interested in popular opinion and information share. We’ll identify appropriate methods of leveraging word of mouth principle that generates a buzz and positively impacts your brand.

2. Access – Actively engaging in online community brings forth new opportunities to connect with both customers and business development opportunities. With social network marketing, we’ll position your business where important discussions are happening, and help you develop a social networking strategy that produces measurable results.

3. Awareness – 3/4 of journalists report that blogs, social networks social media communities influence their editorial direction. We’ll create a social media marketing or word of mouth strategy that captures media attention and compliments your current public relations marketing.

Buzz Marketing, Online Social Networking and Social Media have to be carefully set up to support and enhance your marketing message, and are offered in many different capacities to suit the needs of your business.

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