Simple Steps to Make Your Business Un-Hackable

hacker-handAnyone that has ever had their e-mail hacked knows just how annoying and scary of an experience it can be. So can you imagine what would happen if your entire business network was hacked?

Sadly, this is something we all need to safeguard against. It’s just one of the realities of owning a small business these days. So what can you do to make sure your business is un-hackable? Here are some small steps to get you started without the help of a professional.

Create a Strong Policy for Social Media in Your Office

For those that have been with you since the beginning and newbies alike, make sure everyone in the office is well aware of your social media policy. One good rule of thumb to follow is to only allow employees to use one single computer to access social media accounts or anything else requiring a password. You should also let them know what sort of information they are allowed to post online concerning their business; you certainly don’t want them posting any sort of confidential information.

Stay Informed

Keep an eye on the news in regards to any new spam of virus threats that are making headlines. This will give you an idea of what to look out for. Make sure you employees know about these latest threats as well.

Routinely Change Your Passwords

This could easily fit into the item listed below, but it also deserved its own entry. Hacking passwords is the most common way those with ill intent will access your accounts. Changing your passwords routinely is a good way to prevent this. Also, make sure you change passwords under any circumstances where an employee leaves your business, even if it is on good terms.

Use Common Sense

Don’t open mails from addresses that are clearly spammers. Also, if you get attachments from clients, make sure you have a virus detection program that scans the attachment before opening it.

What are some precautions your business has been using to make sure you don’t get hacked? Share in the comments below.

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