Simple Brainstorming Strategies for Creating New Content

list-postCreating intriguing content can become pretty hectic and tiresome, especially if you are trying to churn it out daily. If your business has a copywriter, this really isn’t your place to worry; the content creation is up to them.

However, if you’re a small business that doesn’t have the budget for a full-time writer, chances are that you are creating content for your blog or other social media platforms all by yourself. We all gets writer’s block—even novelists that get paid the big bucks are afflicted with it. So here are three basic strategies to use to make sure you always have room for new creative ideas that you can turn into fresh content for your business.

Keep All of Your Ideas

Ideas come to us at all times of the day: in the shower, at dinner, while nodding off to sleep, while trapped in rush hour traffic. If you’re in the content-making business, keep an ideas list. You can use a notepad and pen, an audio capture app on your phone, or just save one-sentence jots on your computer. By keeping ideas stored away like nuts for the winter, you’re likely to never run out of material for content.

Don’t Restrict Your Thinking

There’s no rule that says our best thinking has to come from behind a desk or in a conference room with others. Some people get their best ideas while vegging out on the couch. Others find that a nice morning jog tends to get the creative juices flowing. Try a few different things—a drive through the country or reading the newspaper for instance—and stick with that seems to work for you.

Don’t Ruin Writing With a Schedule

This one is dangerous for you super-organized types. But try not to plan your writing. By boxing creativity into a tiny space on a planner, you restrict yourself tremendously. If you get the urge to write in the morning, do it. If you wake up at 2:00 in the morning and have to get that idea down, get out of bed and go to the computer. Do not take the fun and creativity out of creating content by crippling it with your schedule.

How about you? Are there any tips of the trade you use for creating content for your business?

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