Put Your Name on Everything!

Looking for a way to make sure your brand stays in the public spotlight? This is easier than you think…you just need to be subtle and a little clever.

your-logo-here_0.previewIt starts with freebies. Have something in your office to offer your clients (or even those would-be clients that step through the doors but end up not becoming a client). This can be something as small and unimpressive as a pen or as handy as USB drive or a tee shirt.

The important part of this, of course, is to have your brand’s logo on these items. This is a very unobtrusive way of getting your brand and out there in front of new eyes. There have been stories reported of people seeing a business name on the back of a tee shirt and calling it based simply on the tee shirt.

You can get in on this action. But what products should you be using to place your brand’s logo on? Well, the most popular and unique are:

Pens: everyone uses them and everyone has a favorite one. So don’t skimp on this. Put your name on a nice attractive pen and hand them out to anyone that comes through your door.

Staplers: This is a popular item for office use and, surprisingly, not many companies have used them to place their logos on. You can get smaller handheld staplers for relatively cheap so you won’t have to spend a lot on handouts for your customers.

Shirts: Although, truth be told, no one is going to want a short with your logo on it unless you have a cool logo. Make the shirt as attractive as you can without breaking the bank.

Calendars: From large desk calendars to pocket-sized versions, calendars are another thing that people still use regularly (although they are readily available on smart phones in a variety of shapes and sizes).

Fridge Magnets:  I know, right? It’s weird, but people are still clamoring for fridge magnets. Make yours cool so that people will want it place it proudly on their fridge. Clever taglines are highly effective here.

What are some objects you’ve placed your logo on that was a little outside of the box? Did it work? What reactions did you get from your clients?

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